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March 20, 2012

The Proceedings of the conference are going to be published by Peter Lang ( Any of the speakers at the Metrics, Music and Mind conference is warmly invited to submit his or her paper.

The deadline for submissions is mid June 2012; we will then forward your contributions for peer reviewing, and hope to be able to give you the response of the reviewer by September 2012.

Notes to the contributors

  • submissions should be in English;
  • each essay – except the keynote contributions – should not exceed 20,000 characters, including footnotes (roughly 10 pages); please keep the footnotes as short as possible;
  • Times New Romans font should be used. If your manuscript contains any special characters or fonts, please be sure to supply them together with your contribution;
  •  please follow the style sheets provided in the attachment: MLA guidelines should be used for citations and references; Peter Lang style sheet (provided both in English and French) for page format;
  •  attached you also find a template for the metrical grids (file named MG_template); please use this template whenever needed;
  •  for each metrical grid included in your manuscript, please provide either the corresponding audio sample or music sheet or both. If you need to create your own music sheet, we recommend you to use one of the following free music notation programs: either or
  •  the audio-visual excerpts you provide will be uploaded on this website;
  •  if your native language is not English, you have an extra burden. If at all possible, please try to have your paper reviewed by a native English-speaking proofreader before submission.
  •  please send your contribution, as an email attachment, to the usual address:


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